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5 Steps to Spot Free Skin

Beauty / posted 6 months ago / Eva Caiden

5 Steps to Spot Free Skin

What do you do when you’re not happy with the skincare products out there on the market? If you’re Maleka Dattu, you create your own.

London-born Maleka spent two years researching and creating her brand, MERUMAYA, in response to the beauty industry’s plethora of products that promised over-priced miracles, but which she feels ultimately fail to deliver.

Her evidence-based skincare range is loaded with anti-inflammatories and suitable for sensitive skin of all ages. You’ll find the best-selling Melting Cleansing Balm in this month’s box! She spoke to Pink Parcel to tell us the simple steps you can take to get flawless, spot free skin.


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1. Ditch the cleansing wipes

Yes, they’re an easy option when you roll in at 2am but actually they’re ruining your skin by smearing dirt and make–up across it, causing clogged pores. Maleka says, “Thorough, gentle cleansing is the best way to get healthy, vibrant-looking skin.”

2. Use products that contain anti-inflammatories

Oils and serums are a key part of your skincare routine. But which ones should you be using? Maleka recommends echium oil,  “It’s an incredible plant source of omega 3, 6, and 9 oils. These are essential for healthy skin, ensuring your skin gets the right amount of the ‘right’ fats.”

She adds, “Most omega oils contain only 2-4% of the anti-inflammatory compound, stearidonic acid, but echium has 12-14%. Way, way better than marine, borage and blackcurrant oils, that are considered as the industry standards. You’ll find echium oil in our Melting Cleansing Balm and our Iconic Youth Serum has a clinically tested concentration of this brilliant oil.”

3. Never wear make-up during exercise

Cleanse your face immediately after exercise and ideally beforehand too. When you sweat, you tend to wipe your skin, which means you’re rubbing make–up and dirt into open pores. This causes blockages and breakouts. Maleka says, “Our Luxury Facial Wash contains pomegranate enzymes to gently remove pore-clogging dead skin, as well as a low level anti-spot treatment.”

4. Eat more zinc

Found in meat, shellfish, yoghurt and nuts, zinc is an essential mineral which helps skin to heal and repair itself. Research has shown it can be helpful in treating skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

5. Avoid exfoliators with granules

Opt for acids of enzymes as the active ingredient. Maleka says they exfoliate your skin more evenly and there is no risk of breaking open a spot. Microbreads are being banned in the UK now anyway due to environmental concerns.

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