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5 Minutes With LOOK: Sarah, Fashion Stylist

Beauty / posted 6 months ago / Claire Blackmore

5 Minutes With LOOK: Sarah, Fashion Stylist

This month, we have teamed up with LOOK magazine to bring you a carefully curated surprise. In case you didn’t get the memo: each box will include six of the LOOK team’s go-to beauty products, tea, chocolate, your choice of sanitary products plus the latest issue of LOOK. There’s still time to subscribe here.

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We caught up with Sarah, LOOK’s Fashion Stylist, to get the low-down on her signature style, handbag must-haves and make-up mistakes.


Sarah’s style queen is Kate Moss

What’s your signature beauty style?
A black cat eye liner is part of my daily look and has been since I was about 17 – I’d feel naked without it. I’m also a fan of a tangerine orange lippie.

Biggest make-up mistake and why?
I have really dark patches under my eyes (even when I’ve had a good night’s sleep) and up until recently had always tried to cover them with a concealer that is a lighter shade than my natural skin tone. This apparently is the worst thing to do as it makes your skin look grey and washed out. It wasn’t until LOOK’s Beauty Writer, Gaby, taught me about colour correcting products have I managed to conceal them properly.

What is your period craving?
Anything chocolate: hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream… you get the idea!

Which three items do you always keep in your handbag and why?
Lipstick (it makes you look put together in seconds), credit card (an impromptu shopping spree could happen at any minute right?), mobile phone (I literally couldn’t live without this).

Whose look do you love and why?
Kate Moss: She’s fashion’s bohemian queen. I literally love everything she ever wears/touches!

What A/W trend will you be turning to this season?
Anything that resembles Cavalli’s AW’16 show is a wardrobe winner in my eyes: fuzzy faux fur, skinny scarfs, velvet flares, devoré silk, embroidered lace… the list goes on!

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